Jo Waddell Case Studies

Case Studies

Coca cola

A patient who had been drinking several litres of cola every day for 25 years after a single treatment says she has no desire to drink it at all and believes that she will never drink fizzy pop again.

PTSD and flashbacks

1 session of NLP cured a teenager of flashbacks to a road accident where another teenager had died. His feelings of guilt subsided and the nightmares stopped.

Childhood abuse

A 56 year old lady had been under the chest physicians for 20 years with severe asthma. Her consultant requested that she be referred to a psychologist as she was on the maximum dosage of medication and he felt the only thing left was to treat her anxiety which seemed to aggravate her chest condition. She missed her first appointment with me as she had been rushed into hospital with pneumonia. 1 session of NLP changed the way she felt about the abuse she had suffered as a child at the hands of her father and the constant state of anxiety in which she had lived for over 40 years. Not only did her chest improve but within a month of treatment she had found a new man. She did not need further referral to a psychologist.

The sleepwalker

A 30 year old lady had been sleep walking since a child. Despite the theory that sleep walkers never put themselves in danger, she managed to open a window on her honeymoon and fell from the first floor breaking her back. She was in hospital for some time, thankfully made a full physical recovery and her GP had used several techniques to help with her anxiety, guilt and other complex emotions. She was however very keen to stop sleep walking. After a single 90 minute session of NLP and hypnotherapy she is no longer sleep walking and has no more flash backs. She is now pregnant and needing to get up at night but she now wakes fully alert and describes it as very different from how she has been in the past.

now mum of 2
The fainter

A 28 year old who for over 10 years had fainted when having an injection. On some occasions up to 10 minutes after the injection. The last occasion was in the toilet at an airport in Peru after having a yellow fever jab before having to board her next flight. She had a single session of TFT, NLP and hypnotherapy and has had 2 sets of injections since. She and her family cannot believe the change. Not only does she not lose consciousness but she is no longer even anxious about injections.

Facial pain

A man in his 50's developed sudden onset severe pain on the right side of his face. Over the course of the day he had taken ever increasingly strong painkillers to no avail. His wife asked if it could be stress related and after initially denying stress he admitted to being rather busy. A single session of TFT saw the pain go in front of our eyes. Blood tests the next day ruled out any serious pathology and the pain has not recurred.

50 year old man

A 46 year old who was turning to whiskey when stressed often with disastrous consequences and involving being arrested on several occasions. A single session of NLP resulted in a strong aversion to whiskey and gave her the chance to rebuild her life.

46 year old

A lady in her 20's who was having difficulty sleeping due to recurrent nightmares. A single session of TFT and she no longer has nightmares and is sleeping much better.

20 year old woman
The bird phobic

A lady who had a phobia of birds which was embarrassing as she manages a guest house which prides itself on having 30 species of birds in the grounds and had a tame robin that comes into the house. She could not be in the same room as the bird. She had had a traumatic experience with a bird as a child and had been afraid of them ever since. After a single session of TFT she went running into the house to see if the bird was there to test out the treatment. The bemused housekeeper could not believe that the women who had been running out of the kitchen 30 minutes earlier was now seeking out the robin and comfortable in its company.

South Africa
The spider phobic (first of many)

A 14 year old girl who was severely spider phobic, did not believe that treatment would work and was very reluctant to cooperate. A single session of TFT and she can no longer be bothered to get would up about spiders.

The angry woman

A 39 year old lady who had had a lot of trauma with family bereavements. Instead of requesting treatment for the grief, she said she wanted to get rid of the anger that she felt towards some other members of the family. A single session of TFT and she no longer gets angry.

Lack of confidence

A 35 year old musician who had lost confidence. 3 hour long sessions of NLP improved his self confidence and saw him back enjoying playing in front of an audience again.

The chocoholic who did not want to give up

A 46 year old eating chocolate every night. A single session of NLP coaching and she is still able to eat chocolate but only wants it occasionally.

ex chocoholic
Panic Attacks

Many clients with lifelong generalised anxiety symptoms who have improved with a combination of NLP TFT and hypnotherapy in only a few sessions.

Panic Attacks

A 34 year old lady who had attended A&E 3 times over a period of a few months with acute chest pains. Each time she had an ECG, was told it was a panic attack and sent away without treatment. In some ways a blessing, as the common medical treatments on the NHS tend to leave patients feeling like zombies.
One session using a combination of TFT and NLP and 2 years on she has had no further pain.

34 year old woman

A 45 year old lady who was severely claustrophobic and needed an MRI scan. This was impossible for her. Her phobia was so bad that she had not been in a lift for over 20 years; she could not use public toilets as she was unable to close the door, and she always slept with her bedroom door open. 1 session of NLP and the next morning she was going up and down in the lift at the hospital and enjoying it. She is now also closing doors and waiting for the date of her scan.

Female, Claustrophobic