Channel 4's 'Embarrassing Bodies' - live from the clinic 2012

When the opportunity came along to be involved with Channel 4's television show "Embarrassing Bodies", I jumped at the chance. I feel the show offers a fantastic public service in a number if ways. It shows people the wide range of “normal”, educates them in how to examine themselves, highlights a number of serious conditions and reassures on other more minor symptoms.

as seen on tv

Appearing on Live TV

I was one of 4 Doctors each week taking live Skype calls from viewers and offering appropriate medical advice. In some cases the advice was just reassurance and in others to seek further help from their own GP.

Being part of live TV was a whole new and fascinating experience, especially as the studio was a bespoke set that was “dropped” into the kitchens of the shell of the old Queen Elizabeth hospital, where I had trained and worked as a junior doctor. The bright lights and sparkly set were a far cry from the well worn corridors and wards of the 1980's.

Did I get any Interesting Calls While on The Show?

The calls themselves were, for the most part, just the normal problems that I deal with every day as a professional Doctor and trainer. Working live on national TV was a great opportunity to explore the techniques I teach people on my training courses.