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Gym and Tonic for the Brain

I would like to thank the deanery for this NLP day. It was what I needed
to pass my CSA..Hurray!
Having exam anxiety, being stressed at work and most of all having
almost nil confidence after failing the CSA twice, I can say attending
the NLP day was like prayers answered.
It really brought me across to where I needed to be. It worked a whole
lot better for me than the CBT I am getting from **** (to
think it was only a day).
Dr Waddell was fantastic. It was truly a day made for us trainees (esp
those in crisis!), a day for self caring. It was an eye opener that
hopefully other trainees like me would benefit from.

Thank you.


GP Registrar
Gym and Tonic for the Brain

I’ve come to realise that there isn’t a pill for every ill, that at times I can get the same or better outcomes without. The day gave me more vocabulary to describe what I’ve been doing, and thoughts as to how I might improve. If you want to improve your consultation skills, deal better with stress, your own or others, or see or hear or feel better ways, then there’s something here for you.

Dr Nichloas Whelan
GP Trainer GP Tutor Health Education England. Senior Clinical Tutor Hull and York Medical School.
NLP course RCGP


I signed up for the NLP course after a recommendation from a colleague who described it as ‘life-changing’. I was not disappointed.

As a practising GP, Jo understands the pressures we face every day and the challenges involved in our professional lives. The course was engaging and interactive from the start with Jo allowing delegates to set the agenda, making the areas covered relevant to our needs.

We learned techniques for helping patients which are practical, easy to teach in a ten minute consultation and actually work! 

Jo also addressed our own personal needs, giving us tools to help our resilience and allowing us to reflect on our general life aims.

I have already used some of these tools in surgeries and practised techniques for improving my own focus, energy and confidence.

I will be reaping the benefits of this day for many years to come and recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of these courses grabs it with both hands.

Dr Kristan Toft
GP Yorkshire
Stress Management Training

With all the new challenges in the ever changing NHS, GP are facing unprecedented levels of stress amongst patients, staff and doctors themselves. 

How do we solve this problem?  Prevention is better then cure and  with a  torrent of  negative media we thought it was important to try to address this amongst our trainee GPs at North Birmingham VTS. 

Having  heard about Jo Waddell's work  with  doctors in  training with Health Education West Midlands we invited her to a couple  of our half day release sessions.

With her background in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP ) she  delivered a very well received, interactive  and engaging talk about Stress Management. She shared techniques to deal with anxiety and building self confidence. 


Her delivery got the audience  out of  their chairs and working both sides of their brains as  well as their arms and legs using an alphabet game. Her talk was very positive and we  discussed the power of language, the importance  of "housekeeping" between patients along with clinical  tips and personal stories that captured her audience. We all received a bound summary of the  talk that will surely be referenced in the  future. The feedback from the  audience was  excellent.The following day whilst dealing  with a very  anxious patient who was reluctant to take  medication, I found myself deploying some of these new skills on the patient. I was pleasantly surprised that such a brief intervention would empower the patient and  they left  happy . So in  summary, as an Training Program Director and GP  Trainer I felt  empowered  by this  brief  experience and feel  that Jo  can  certainly  improve the way we  deal  with stress and help us gain new  perspectives and methods to manage stress in our patients and us  as  doctors.

Dr Sarby Soorae
GP & TPD North Birmingham VTS
1/2 day course. Stress management for GP registrars.

NLP - a very useful tool for GPs  to use in their personal and professional lives.

I found this course gave me a new way of looking at my own problems on a personal and professional level and make changes that I had felt unable to do so.

 Techniques to reduce stress have been very useful in consultations with patients suffering from anxiety and to help GP trainees coping with finding a work-life  balance. It has also helped my trainees to understand the GP consultation in its wider context and how they can become more holistic practitioners.

Dr Gurpreet Khaira
GP tutor
Mind solutions course

This was a brilliant course that exceeded all my expectations.  We had a really supportive group and lots of honest discussions about how we could improve our work life balance/time management and more.  For me, I have been able to notice what strategies patients are running when they are experiencing their difficulties which has been a real insight.  The magic questions have been fantastic.  I was able to ask a patient "what stopped her" doing something and she was able to identify it and so move on from her problem.  In myself, I have realised that when I step onto my time line, I am able to be less "task orientated" and more experiencing the benefits of being "in the moment".  I wish I'd learnt about all this years ago

Dr Liz Croton
GP, Birmingham
Amazing day

Hello Jo,

 I couldn't wait to tell you that I had an amazing day today! This is the first in ages that I have felt like I can take on whatever the world throws at me without losing my composure.  I actually had my children in the palms of my hands today, after attending your course! simply by giving them a reason each time I asked for something to be done, and trying not to use the don't word! It worked like magic.

I've actually come back home with loads of clarity about my past, present and future and more confident about where I would like be. My Ideal self!!!

Thank you so much...


Dr Ral Gbandi
Course for Yorkshire Deanery


Having commissioned a course for those who have already failed a professional medical exam I was delighted to read the feedback from the participants. The scores were fantastic for the session, but particularly heart-warming in this group was the fantastic after course scores on self-confidence and ability to manage stress.


I've been aware of NLP before and been on courses. This was a great refresher on how to do it for me, and in one day demonstrated several new approaches and reminded me of others


Enough theory, and lots of time to practice and begin developing skills



Thanks again




Dr Mike Tomson
GP, Trainer and Appraiser APD for GP, Y & H, Don Valley House S4 7UQ
Testimonials for Gym and Tonic Course ( Weetwood) on the 3rd April 2014

 As a ex GP trainer, TPD, clinical lecturer and now a GP Postgraduate Deputy Director I have never been on such a well facilitated course that resulted in a bit of ‘magic’ for all the attendees.

 Thank you, you have reminded me that as a GP (and a mother!) I need to refocus my energies on my own confidence building: gym and tonic essential for all busy minds.

  I was a NLP sceptic until I commissioned and attended this course for GP trainees; a rare moment of inspiration and excitement about training.

 If you want to commission a course for GP trainees that result in smiles, tears, joy and inspiration with a cross the board set of positive feedback sheets then commission this: you will not regret it.

 A must for EVERYONE even those who know the theory behind NLP.




Kirsty Baldwin
MBBS, FHEA, FRCGP, PG Dip Primary Care Education
Feedback from "Mind Solutions" Training for Registrars in West Midlands 2013
Dr Patricia Houlston GP - Bellevue Medical Centre

"Thank you also for an excellent session - they are buzzing from it."

Dr Patricia Houlston GP - Bellevue Medical Centre
Associate Dean - West Midlands, Health Education England.
NLP foundation course

I was amazed at what a subtle change in one's thinking could do to the working environment. I did not know that such a thing as NLP existed till late last year. I have now been introduced into a completely enlightening and exciting new world of NLP through Jo Waddell. The course was easy, enjoyable, enlightening, educative, positive, practical and very useful. It has unlimited potential when used regularly. I can see the significant benefits already in my personal and working lives. The only issue is that it should ideally be a way of life which needs practice. I am hoping to attend some refresher courses to keep on track and continue to enjoy the benefits life long !

Dr Jayanthi Naiker. Consultant cardiologist
NLP foundation course

I recently attended the NLP Foundation course for Doctors run by Dr Jo Waddell. I found the whole day thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating. The small group work was very effective at helping us to put theory into practice. I feel that I have learned new skills that will help me to manage my own workload and to improve the care of patients with complex needs

Dr Deborah Wellings. GP
NLP foundation course

Jo Waddell's one day NLP foundation course was very interesting and enjoyable. There was a perfect mixture of background information and practical exercises. Jo created a very relaxed and safe environment, in which people could participate at the level that felt right for them. I feel really inspired to use the techniques going forward. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in NLP.

Dr Ann Rappaport
Business Analyst
NLP training

Jo and I have worked and trained together for 5 years now. We met on an NLP training course, and have since trained in Thought Field Therapy together. Jo is an experienced GP with excellent communication skills. She is quick to grasp the essential elements of a situation, and has equipped herself with many tools to be able to offer her patients an holistic approach to the issues which challenge them, bringing the benefits of a conventional medical and complementary approach to the therapy she delivers. A compassionate individual with the determination and tenacity to help individuals find a way forward, whatever the circumstances. I am very happy to recommend Jo to anyone who is ready to identify what needs to change and take action, now.” 

Dr Mark Chambers
Stress management

"Thanks again for yesterday; I wish every day could be as fun and successful as that." 

Caroline Daw
Cadbury Ltd
NLP training for doctors
Dr Jayshree Patel

"I attended an NLP course for GP’s which was run by Jo Waddell The group setting was small enough to be friendly and personal but large enough to encourage group dynamics and interaction. The pace was relaxed but Jo managed to cover a lot of ground in one day. There was enough time to cover the basics of NLP and for everyone to participate in the various exercises including anchoring, goal setting and the timeline. We came away feeling great. I have since been able to use the techniques learnt in my consultations as well as with my family and friends. My time management has certainly improved. I would certainly recommend the course for anyone interested in personal or professional development."

Dr Jayshree Patel
GP & Accupuncturist
Stress Management Team Day for Cadbury

Hi Jo,

Time is rushing past me and I am only just putting fingers to key board to thank you once again for your role in my team conference. I offer the note below by way of feedback, I hope this is OK.

Many people said to me on the day how pleasantly surprised they were by the format, and specifically said that you were great; they found you very engaging, and enjoyed both the reminders of how to monitor our own approach to day to day health (smoking, eating etc) and also the techniques you took us through. I had my immediate team together on Thursday last week, and all 5 of them thought it was a fantastic day; it showed that we as a leadership team want to support the stress and workload issue, and we also landed the message of personal accountability.

I thought it went really well, and, I will confess now to what you sensed a bit just before we started, I was quite worried that the use of NLP approach may have been a little too alternative for a business day, and a mixed audience who (as you said at our Beckett's meeting) were there because I told them to be.

I thought you presented to Kate's picture charts incredibly well; your words flowed in a really engaging way, showing real knowledge (of course) and facts, as well as keeping at the level of reminder and encouragement rather than preaching. Asking for a show of hands worked well, as it showed we were all in the same boat, equally fallible, including you. I know you wouldn't preach, but we all feel guilty and our healthy lifestyle lapses, and a couple of people commented that they enjoyed the message and were relieved you weren't lecturing to us.

What the above also did was establish your credentials as a qualified, grounded GP, and I think anyone who was wary of the NLP session, were reassured because it was being delivered by someone who operates in the structured kind of world that we business folks live and breathe, and someone who from that start point, has seen the benefits of NLP. The way you build in your personal experience of these things working also helps build people's trust in the technique.

As I said to you at the time, I was fully engaged in your spoken sessions, but struggled to engage personally in the exercises because I couldn't switch off the organiser/session leader part of my brain. However I saw and heard people who felt the effects of the techniques and were very impressed with how easy they were to do and the change in confidence and anxiety they felt; I think all of us (me and Kate included) were struck by the empathic listening exercise!

 Since the day, numerous people have mentioned the tapping technique or the circle of confidence (what colour is yours?), and the posture wands you kindly left were snapped up in minutes when I brought them back to the office. It was a really nice touch that you not only brought them, but painted them purple! I probably had 5 of your handouts left behind, so 90% of the team took theirs with them, despite the fact that we dispersed for BBQ and games, making it hard to track down whose papers were whose.

I'll sign off with two spontaneous email comments from my wider team - I never get spontaneous emails about one of my team days!

Have to say I'm actually a fan of the NLP, the times I've had lasting success stopping smoking were all NLP assisted (so not 100% successful!!) - reckon it has its uses. I thought the SP60 was brilliant this year, nice to relax and talk to everyone, the slightly different focus on health and wellbeing really good too. Thanks for organising it all.

(This from the Scottish chap who asked you who was the voice telling the voice in your had to be quiet)

Just wanted to feedback & say how great yesterday's SP60 was.

I really enjoyed the day/evening event & venue.

Caroline Daw
Virgin Flying WIthout Fear

Jo Waddell has worked with us several times on the flying without fear programme and helped many people 1-1 with to beat their fears. She has shown flexibility in stepping in as a team leader and brought her own unique style to the presentation to a group of 100 + nervous people using her combined GP and NLP experience. Her comment that the techniques used are as powerful as anything written on a green prescription had the delegates fascinated. Several people have emailed since the course to say how much her well timed 2 minute intervention reassured them.

Paul Tizzard
Founder Flying Without Fear
Virgin Flying WIthout Fear

Jo Waddell has worked with us several times on the flying without fear programme and helped many people 1-1 with to beat their fears. She has shown flexibility in stepping in as a team leader and brought her own unique style to the presentation to a group of 100 + nervous people using her combined GP and NLP experience. Her comment that the techniques used are as powerful as anything written on a green prescription had the delegates fascinated. Several people have emailed since the course to say how much her well timed 2 minute intervention reassured them.

Paul Tizzard
Founder Flying Without Fear
Flying Without Fear

For 20 years I have hated flying and simply refused to go on holiday or when required for business. I don’t know why, I just hated it! My mother has a model of an aeroplane that I was afraid of and just driving to an airport to drop my husband off made me feel sick. On the very rare occasions that I did fly I insisted that I would only fly British Airways and always wanted the front seat so I could sit & stare at the wall in front & didn't have to look out of the window. My husband once booked my time off work & told me on the same day that we were flying because of the state i used to get in...oh dear!
By the way I consider myself a normal, professional person in case you were wondering......
I cannot believe i actually enjoyed the flight - Firstly I felt completely calm, not the shivering mess I would normally have been thanks to the help of Dr Jo. I even ate a meal and that has never happened before as I always feel too sick with fear. We sat in the middle of the plane ( an absolute first for me ) over looking the wing and i did not feel the slightest bit claustrophobic. I even looked out of the window OMG! the view was fantastic. Having Captain Steve on board was completely reassuring giving us a detailed, logical explanation of all the noises and movements.
Thanks to all involved on Sunday, to Captain Steve, Doctor Jo, Matt our team leader and everyone whose names we do not even know but made the day special for us ... also thanks to 

Delegate, Flying Without Fear
Flying Without Fear

The course was professional, really informative but most of all fun. Thanks to Richard and Paul (it was good to see you were with us throughout the whole day and were ready to answer any questions we had) Thanks also to Jo who taught me some really useful strategies to manage anxiety (they do work, I spent today teaching them to some of my colleagues at work) I shall look out for fellow "tappers" whilst I am flying soon!
The flight was brilliant. I sat by the window near the wing and actually loved it. I did cry but it wasn't through fear. I cried because I was so relieved and proud of myself!!!
I am booked now to fly to New York in early November (with Virgin Atlantic!) and to top it off I am getting married over there. I am really looking forward to the flight now, after months of trying to pretend it wasn't going to happen.
My only regret it that I didn't go on this course years ago....could have avoided all those holidays to Yorkshire and Wales!
Hope all the lovely people I met have fun on the holidays they are now planning (especially Carole who I sat next to n the flight - enjoy Vietnam!)
Take care all and thanks again.

Delegate, Flying Without Fear
Flying without Fear

Thank you to the Flying Without Fear team for a great day in Birmingham yesterday.
I never expected to say this at the end of the day - but that flight - I LOVED IT!!!! Instead of worrying about the jolts and bangs and is the plane to go (a) fall apart (b) blow up (c) crash - there were D-Z s too but I'll save you those - it was more, 'ah that's the engine', 'cool the flaps are moving', 'yeah, we're turning' - the technical knowledge from 'the cheeky Captain' was fantastic, it was impossible to be afraid when the team who lead it clearly loved flying and were happier in the sky than on the ground. Dr Jo's relaxation techniques and tapping clearly worked and team leader Tara's love of turbulance - well, I can honestly say that having come with the aim of being able to endure the flight - I left loving it. I fly to Cape Town on my own (well with a Captain, a crew and other passengers) in less than 3 weeks - bring it on!
If anyone is thinking of doing this course - do it! No question!

Delegate, Flying Without Fear
Flying Without Fear

Thank you so much for conquering my fear of flying, following your course in Birmingham yesterday.
I have flown regularly over the years but each time has got worse, to the point where I need a holiday to get over the flight home.
I was amazed when I arrived at just how many others experienced the same fears, at no point did I feel silly or dramatic. Everyone on the team were approachable and the day had a brilliant mix of fact and humour. Our team leader David was living proof that it does work, thank you to him.
The relaxation techniques that Dr Jo Waddell demonstrated were amazing, something that I will certainly be following up.
For the first time in years I was able to sit on the plane, let go of the arm rests and open my eyes. I even sat by the window and looked out!!!!.
Thank you all so much, it was money very well spent, my next flight at the end of November will definitely be a far more pleasurable one.

Delegate Flying Without Fear
Virgin Flying Without Fear

Wow! You've got some rave reviews on the message board well done you - think I may need some training with you - tell me what you did?  

Thank you so much you were obviously a great success I'm sure Richard and Paul were really happy and I'm sure they'll be asking you again with comments like that.

Gill Harvey-Bush
Psychologist, NLP and TFT Trainer
Stress Management Training

Thank you again for yesterday. You did a brilliant job and your session far exceeded my hopes and expectations (and i have very high standards!).

I think the delegates got such a lot out of the day and they all seemed very receptive to trying some new ideas and approaches.

Kate Van der Plank
Director, Better Work Consulting Ltd
NLP Training

Jo and I met when we assisted on Paul McKenna's training courses. I was so impressed at the way Jo works I asked her to work with us on our NLP Business and Master Business Practitioner Training courses. 

Her sense of fun, curiosity and fabulous experience and knowledge make her a pleasure to work with. She is one of the few people I will recommend private clients to as I know they are in expert hands. Thank you Jo

Fiona Campbell
NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
NLP Training

Jo is a regular guest trainer on our NLP training courses, where her medical background and professional integrity, combined with excellent NLP training delivery, offers delegates powerful insights into the applications of NLP. She is kind, compassionate and good fun - I look forward to working with her again soon.

Kay Cooke
Partner, The ME Group. Managing Excellence
NLP training for doctors

"I first encountered Jo on a one day appetiser course for GPs interested in finding out more about NLP. She led the whole day on her own, as the other trainer was unwell, even though it was the first day of its type she had done. She was confident and knowledgeable and able to gauge the needs of her audience.  Since then I have been helped by her in the more comprehensive NLP practitioner's course. She was well informed, prepared to voice her thoughts for discussion and had a keen eye for a lost soul who needed saving! She shared her own experiences and was happy to help us with our own individual challenges, whilst being realistic as to what can be achieved."

Dr Phil Saunders
GP, Birmingham
NLP master practitioner and trainer

Jo, I find your passion, commitment and knowledge of NLP inspirational. I've watched you work one-to-one with clients, heard praise of your therapeutic interventions and been well impressed by your confident, professional manner when training. I fully recommend your services.

Kay Cooke
Partner. The ME Group. Managing Excellence
NLP training for doctors

Jo,I am pleased to say how the day helped me!! Since the day I am for ever using the visualisation process at the end of the TFT sessions and also am using this on my coaching lessons. I find the anchoring and visualisation is something the clients can take home as an experience of the stat they want to get to so it is more effective and real. I have used on myself and also for students sitting exams.NLP is definitely useful for me even though I only had a day course. I think the practical skills taught were immediately useful for me in my day to day surgeries. Well done.

Dr Rashmi Metha
GP, Birmingham
NLP Trainer

"Jo is an excellent NLP trainer that delivers her knowledge in a clear, thorough and congruent manner.  When Jo trains you in NLP you understand everything so much better and if you don't understand it she will work with you on a one to one basis until you do!"

Michele Paradise.
Model and style coach