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Jo Waddell Testimonials
Stress and anxiety

A big thank you to Doctor Waddell for helping me realign my through process and for what I called helping me to ‘de-stress’ through the use of TFT (Thought Field Therapy).


Having lost my soul mate (my wife) I focused on providing our children with an as complete a home and stable upbringing as I could without her around.


I had tried alternate sessions with an aim to overcoming my feelings of guilt, anxiety and frustration as well as medication to help with depression. Neither worked for me but thanks to the work of Doctor Waddell, I no longer have that feeling of guilt or the feeling of being down all the time. Through her guidance and the use of TFT, I have been lifted out of the dark place that I’d put myself into.


Doctor Waddell helped me overcome my panic attacks in a very short space of time and I now have the tools to help control such attacks should they occur in the future.



David Williamson
Fear of doctors and hospitals

After many years of suffering from an overwhelming fear of doctors and hospitals etc, so severe that it affected my whole life and causing me to live every day in fear. I used to lie awake at nights worrying. I was not even able to phone the doctors surgery without a panic attack , and took a detour so as not to have to even pass a hospital as this would give me an awful feeling of panic and doom. I was suffering pain because I would be too afraid to see anyone about it and causing my family concern. I got really annoyed with myself as an intelligent woman I knew this was irrational. I was thankfully referred to Dr Waddell by another doctor who saw and understood the stress.

She was sure she could help me with my problem but I was not so sure as I knew how deeply affected I had been and for such a long time. However Dr Waddell asked me to go with an open mind and desperate for her help I did so.

When I went to see her I was crying, shaking and terribly fearful but by the end of the session I felt utterly calm. I explained that I felt that I was concerned that maybe I only felt calm because Dr Waddell was there with me and that as soon as I left on my own my fears would return. She assured me that this would not be so and made me an appointment for a later date to see how I got on.


Well, I left that surgery a new woman. I now phone the doctors, visit the doctors and heave been for several tests to the hospital with nothing more than the normal concern anyone would feel. I am amazed and very very grateful. This is a huge milestone for me and I can never thank Dr Waddell enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stella E
Stress management

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for seeing me a couple of weeks ago after consulting hours.

I am most grateful for the help given to me by yourself and the techniques passed on to me to deal with my stress.

I have found the methods extremely helpful and use them regularly. I am sure that your techniques have brought stress management out of the dark ages and long may it continue….

Yours most gratefully



John H
New Life
Thank you more than words can express for enabling me, through your brilliant work, to begin to live a more full, contented and enriched life. I'm already on my way: on the train home I was looking out of the window at the wonders all around then, as we went into a tunnel, I saw my reflection and was delighted to notice that the corners of my mouth were turned upwards...I was smiling! This was such a surprise and so very different from the glum face I've been used to seeing reflected back to me for most of my life. This blue skied, sunshiny morning I walked (suddenly noticing that I was striding out with my head held high and my shoulders relaxed) for about an hour just enjoying the state of feeling really alive. This is only Day One; I already feel lighter of spirit and am experiencing a sense of happy anticipation that I can now begin to create the new life I want. I couldn't be where I am now without the wonders you created yesterday. You are magic!
Lizzie Sleath
Dental and general anaesthetic phobia
Dental and general anaesthetic phobia
I saw Jo prior to having my lower wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic. I had been warned that it was going to be a difficult and painful procedure. Understandably I was extremely anxious about it, especially as I already suffered from dental phobia! After just one session the results were amazing, I walked down to the theatre happy and relaxed and even managed to crack a few jokes with the anaesthetist. I no longer dread dentist appointments. I would whole heartedly recommend that anyone who suffers from any dental phobia sees Jo , it makes such a difference not to dread the six monthly check ups or any treatment needed now! 
A Parkes
Anxiety when flying due to worry about turbulence.
Jo has taught me some excellent coping techniques for anxiety and stress as well as disassociating turbulence from previous bad experiences. I now feel calm and in control and know how to deal with any anxiety, should it arise. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone. 
Jo has this amazing way of getting you to never drink coke, or whatever your particular vice is again, it works like magic, 4 months on and I've gone from drinking cans and cans of coke and diet coke to not wanting to touch it at all, there's still an open pack in the kitchen cupboard ready for visitors which holds absolutely no temptation. I can't thank her enough!
Improved confidence
I really enjoyed my session with Jo. She helped me to deal with the critical voice inside my head and boost my confidence. This has helped me immensely with seeing patients. I've also bought a pair of heels to help me feel more empowered when presenting. And it works! I've gone from 6ft to 6.2 and I feel fantastic! 
Dr Liz Croton
Dog and needle phobias

 I have used Jo on two separate occasions over the past few years, originally I visited her for my dog phobia which I had had since childhood, and more recently for my needle phobia. I found Jo friendly and professional and her sessions and techniques have really worked for me at the end of both sessions I have been able to come face to face with my phobias, touching a dog on my first and actually having a needle in my arm on the second two things I never thought I would be able to do. I only required one session for each which was great I would definitely recommend Jo for any phobia treatment and would use her if I ever needed to, going forward. 

Lara Cartwright
Anxiety and Depression

Depression, Anxiety & Self-Confidence
After a couple of years of struggling with depression, anxiety and self-confidence issues I felt I had lost myself and was desperate to get back to being me!  One of my closest friends recommended Jo to me and since I had my session I finally feel back to my good old self again!  Back to being happy, positive and confident!  I can't thank Jo enough for helping me find myself again.

Social phobia

I met Jo through a Virgin Atlantic flying without fear course. Jo used TFT techniques which enabled me to join her group and get the most out of the day to overcome my fear of flying. I then arranged to see Jo privately to help me with a problem that had always overshadowed my life, social anxiety disorder. This had affected me every day to a varying degree since I was young child. Any kind of social situation or the anticipation of a social interaction would cause me anxiety which would result in many symptoms including my mind going completely blank and shutting down. It has had a big impact on my life & left me feeling depressed at times. I've not looked back since my appointment with Jo, my life has totally transformed. I didn't expect this to be the result I was hoping for some coping techniques and I recall telling Jo as much! Ever since my appointment I've been feeling so calm, relaxed and happy. I've been in lots of different situation where I would have suffered with anxiety & struggled before but I have stayed engaged and calm and I've felt completely different. I've overcome my phobia of using the telephone and I feel better than I ever imagined possibly. I would highly recommend Jo to anybody, she is kind, professional and an excellent therapist.


Kim Reed
I was apprehensive about NLP, I knew little or nothing about it, Jo had explained a little in the initial telephone exchange, but as is customary your still a little worried of the unknown. 
There was no need to be, Jo Waddell has a skill of being able to make you feel instantly comfortable with your surroundings, the atmosphere is very relaxed and you are put at ease, there were several issues I had and they have all now been addressed, even the bad back id been suffering with all week was becoming a distant memory after my session.
My life has changed permanently for the better, I am more positive and confident, this in itself creates positive outcomes, even on a bad day I have been shown techniques that can turn that around to a positive.
Would I recommend Jo Waddell to anyone ? I already have on several occasions, I'm not a person that's easily impressed, however on this occasion I most certainly have been.
Mike Davis

I had a consultation with Dr Waddell back in October 2011 when my depression had reached new depths. My days were dark and gloomy and with little chance of snapping out of my depression I was ready to try anything, apart from being sectioned. Dr Waddell tried a few exercises on me which I believe have changed the way I deal with my day. To say that I don't get low would be a lie but that feeling is no longer in a dark gloomy place. I see every day as a bright day from start to finish, the brightness may fade but never goes out. It is my belief that had I not seen Dr Waddell on that day I would certainly have not been in the peaceful content state of mind that I am today.

Many thanks for 15 minutes of therapy that will last a lifetime.

Forever grateful 

Coca cola

Just a short note to let you know that since my appointment I have not touched a single drop of coke and have not even felt like drinking any. I am not sure how it has worked. I think I could drink it but have no desire to do so at all. I think your treatment is remarkable and after over 25 years of drinking that stuff I do believe that I will never touch the stuff again or any other fizzy pop.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Goal setting and self confidence

I wanted to drop you a line to say thank-you for today. It has been some time since I have felt the way I have this afternoon.I am just about to sit down and write down some short term goals to get me started.I will stay in touch and once again thank-you. Kindest Regards

Treating depression and anxiety

Dear Dr Waddell

 Please may I say very big thank you for all your help which was gratefully received. As you know I am a 56 year old lady for whom 40 of those years have lived with depression and anxiety, since a childhood trauma which I was never able to let go of.

You have shown me how to live a happy and normal life free from things I no longer fear. You taught me how to relax and feel calm and at peace in my own place of safety. Since I last saw you I have been very well. Every night before I go to sleep I relax and find myself drifting only where I want to be. I wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go.

Thank you Dr Jo.

Treating Flying Phobia

Hi Jo,

Firstly I want to thank you for your help at the FWOF day in Birmingham - before our encounter that morning I had serious doubt as to whether I could enter the lecture room let alone board the flight at the end of the day.

I was amazed as to how much calmer I felt after you had spoken to me and helped me with TFT.

Treating stress and depression

 Idon’t think you can put a price on it, to find someone to help and understand when you feel so desperate as I did, to me it was priceless!

Thank you Jo

Treating Trichotillomania (hair pulling)

Just to let you know how I am getting on!  
I have found that I definitely pull less, as I am trying to use the techniques you taught me, especially the one where I visualise myself doing it and make is smaller and black and white, and it goes into the background. I haven’t totally stopped yet, I did for about 3 days after the session and felt really great about it but then found myself doing it slightly after that which was annoying!  
But there is definitely an improvement, almost like I can’t be bothered to do it anymore.
 As of yet I don't know if another session will be helpful as I am still practising using the techniques from last week but in a few weeks or so if I feel I need anymore then I will contact you.
 Thanks again!

Life Coaching

My perceptions changed straightaway. I believe I was heading in the direction of my goals slowly anyway but the session helped me to focus on these goals and set time frames that were realistic and to which I can work towards. Jo was able to understand my issues and helped me work out a solution for myself. Thank you Jo

Self confidence and Life Coaching

I have just sung to my husband in the kitchen... I have never sung to him in 7 years....No Sweaty hands!! Thank you so much xx

Treating Spider Phobia

Thank you so much for yesterday, it was fantastic. I have every faith that the treatments will continue to work. My friends even tested me out by showing me a massive spider on the computer and I didn't freak out when previously I would have screamed at them for even considering typing it into google.
Thanks you so much once again

Treating Needle Phobia & Nail Biting

Only two weeks ago, if I had told any of my friends or family that I was going to have an injection, they would have probably laughed and sarcastically replied "yeah right..". Over the past 11 years, my fear of needles had got progressively worse, starting as just a fear of vaccinations and spreading to a fear of having blood taken, operations, hospitals and even doctors surgeries. My fear was unnecessary and totally out of control and by each day it was becoming more of a burden on my everyday routine.


Even with one session with Jo, I saw a dramatic change. She realised that there were probably underlying issues to the phobia, such as anger and anxiety. Jo taught me calming methods such as the rotation and tapping techniques, both of which I've already used when I've felt anxious. Hypnosis also has lead me to stop biting my nails - a compulsive habit I've had since a very young age!!! By the end of the first session I was even able to pick up, hold and examine the needles.


It took a couple of sessions but in the end I was able to have an injection in a totally calm manner and remarkably by myself (every other time, my Mum is dragged along so I have a shoulder to cry on and somebody to hide behind from the nurse!!). I never ever thought that I could achieve this and I can't thank Jo enough for the time she spent with me and how she has helped me.

Holistic Therapy

Jo and I have worked and trained together for 5 years now. We met on an NLP training course, and have since trained in Thought Field Therapy together. 
Jo is an experienced GP with excellent communication skills. She is quick to grasp the essential elements of a situation, and has equipped herself with many tools to be able to offer her patients an holistic approach to the issues which challenge them, bringing the benefits of a conventional medical and complementary approach to the therapy she delivers. A compassionate individual with the determination and tenacity to help individuals find a way forward, whatever the circumstances. 

I am very happy to recommend Jo to anyone who is ready to identify what needs to change and take action, now.

Dr Mark Chambers
GP, Suffolk, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
Treating Anxiety

"I just wanted to thank you for the recent sessions I had with you regarding my anxiety issues. On our first session we did NLP techniques and after this I felt very positive. The next few weeks saw ups and downs but a general feeling of positivity and the most important thing being that you have given me some tools and techniques to help myself when I feel anxious and panicky. Gradually I started to come off my antidepressants and this is due to your input and giving me the tools to tap into.

On our 2nd session we did TFT treatments and I found this instantly helpful. While we were doing it I felt my anxiety instantly reducing and we both agreed I would leave off the tablets.

Since this I have remained off tablets and am feeling very positive about the future. My anxiety levels have reduced but I think the biggest change is that I have ways to help myself. I set aside time every day to practice the techniques to help my self esteem and to help me feel calm.

I strongly believe that a great deal of people suffer in this way and would benefit from learning about these techniques. Hopefully I will not be at the doctors quite so frequently now as a lot of my anxiety was about health issues and using the TFT seems to help in a matter of minutes.

Thank you for treating me as a person and giving me your time."

Treating Nightmares

"I thought I would drop you a quick note with some feedback regarding the tapping treatment you advised for my recurring nightmares. After you treated me I still had worrying dreams for 2 nights. However these dreams were not actual nightmares nor did they keep me awake for hours during the night.

Within the last 14 nights this has only happened twice. I am now sleeping a lot better and would have the treatment again.

Thank you for your help and advice it has had a positive impact on me."

Treating Needle Phobia

Thank you very much for curing my fear of needles.

Treating Stress

"Thank you for being there for all of us. You are not only our family doctor you are and extension to our family... If only we could take you to Cornwall with us. Instead I am going to have a panic attack soon trying to find another doctor. You are one in a million Jo."

Treating stress

"Thank you so much for all the support and help you've given me. You feel more like a friend than a doctor."

Treating Stress

"Having experienced a very stressful four years, which have included some life changing events, I appreciate any ideas that can lessen the strain of a heavy workload and demanding life!

The Callaghan Techniques which you showed me at the end of August have been invaluable. Indeed, until a fortnight ago the effects of that first session enabled me to rise to all the challenges, without anxiety or the need to resort to any medication. Following a difficult few days, where workload was very pressurising. I went through the Callaghan techniques again and was amazed at their empowering effects. I shall continue to use this method whenever I feel the need to combat stress or anxiety. Thank you."

Treating anger and anxiety

"I have recently been practicing the thought field therapy techniques for anger and anxiety. I tend to use the TFT after I've been angry and it helps to calm me down considerably... I have used the TFT during episodes of anxiety and it defiantly helps me to feel a lot calmer far more quickly than relaxation exercises. I think TFT is really useful for me and the best thing of all is there are no drugs involved."

Treating trauma

"I went to see Dr Waddell in August regarding a rather stressful matter. The doctor asked me to explain to her had happened and how I would rate how I was feeling with 10 being the worst and 1 being the best. I told her it was off the scale. The doctor explained to me what she was going to do to help me she then proceeded to tap under my eyes, on my hand... after a few minutes she asked me how I felt and what the rating would be now. I was able to explain what had happened to me without crying and rated how I felt as a 2. I couldn't believe how I felt. I was amazed and could not thank the doctor enough."

Treating claustrophobia

I went this morning to Solihull Hospital just to use the lifts. I went up in one with an elderly gentleman and came down on my in it on my own. NEVER EVER did I think I could do that!
Thank you so very much.

Treating anxiety and panic attacks

I had never been an overly confident person however I have always enjoyed life and going out… until I started having panic attacks!! For no apparent reason I had started to feel anxious and uncomfortable in everyday situations….shopping suddenly became an issue, the thought of going into a shopping centre or supermarket absolutely terrified me. Going out to work…I am a rep out on the road all day…traffic jams were now to be avoided at all costs or I would panic, meetings with clients were something I could not avoid but kept me awake the night before in shear dread that I would panic in the meeting. Even going to visit friends or family became a source of anxiousness…..what if I wanted to leave as soon as I got there, what if I panicked in front of them, what if I got there and just couldn't even get to their front door without running back to the car!!
When I was anxious I would become very hot, feel light headed and my legs would go to jelly…..this would then turn into total panic, my hands would be clammy, I felt like I couldn't breathe and like I was going to pass out! I had 2 safe havens….been at home or in my car. The only way I could help to ease my panic was to return to one of these, this in itself created more panic as I would worry I would not make it back in time and pass out.
I went to my GP who did blood tests to see if there was anything medically wrong, all came back clear so he suggested I start CBT, I was in a position I could pay for this privately so as not to have to wait for an appointment. I had approx. 12 one hour sessions with my therapist. I desperately wanted this to work, however CBT is not an overnight cure, it takes time and everyone requires a different amount of sessions to feel better, I wanted to feel better straight away, this was ruining my life!!
CBT is fairly invasive as in it delves into your past and present for emotional reasons why the panic has started, I didn't ever find the reason for mine! They had started at a time in my life when I was extremely happy, my personal life, family life and work were all going very well and I had been enjoying myself. Having to trawl over family history was uncomfortable, not because there was anything to hide I just didn't want to discuss my personal life in such depth with a stranger.
I was desperate I needed this to all stop, thankfully I heard about NLP. I contact Jo and we met the next week for my session. I have only ever met Jo once yet she changed my life. NLP is not invasive, the only detail Jo needed was what kind of situations made me panic. She then showed me a technique that allows you to control your feelings…..by tapping certain parts of your body it would relieve the feelings I had. This can be done very discretely so can be used in front of people and they wouldn't even realise what I was doing. It sounds crazy I know but it works. That was over 2 years ago, I have not had a panic attack since the day I met Jo, I love shopping, work is great, I could do everything I wanted again without been anxious….the feeling of relief that it was all over was unexplainable.
If only I had learnt about NLP months before, it would have saved me so much stress.
Thanks Jo

Name withheld
Treating pain and paranoia

After one session with Jo, I felt a completely different person.
I felt like a black cloud had been lifted and I was seeing the world and my surroundings as if for the first time - I felt safe. I have less pain and paranoia.
I feel relief that I wasn't going mad. I feel happy with a more positive outlook. I am able to cope better have required fewer tests and no hospitalisation and I am on less medication
When I get pain in my chest or shoulder blade now - it doesn't frighten me and I don't get a panic attack because I know I'm not going to die. I can control things now because of the therapies taught to me by Jo.

Weight Loss


I would just like to say thank you for your help support and time helping me with my weight.
After seeing you I have lost and average 1lb per week which has been steady and so easy. I have now lost 17lbs and feel much better....I feel shocked that I am still losing weight and can't believe how it is slowly coming off. I can't thank you enough.

Weight Loss

After my session with you for weight loss, I went out for a meal with my boyfriend that evening and without realising it I ordered something much healthier, kept putting my knife and fork down between mouthfuls and only ate about a third of the meal. I also only had 1 small glass of wine which unusually took me quite a long time to drink. All of this was unconsciously and in less than a week I had lost 6 lbs....many thanks

Treating Chocolate Addiction

I have been mad about chocolate for years. After one brief session with Jo I can now honestly say that I don't get tempted at all. Thanks Jo